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Cougarcat Cougarcat 1 February 2021

Top 10 Favorite River Monsters Episodes (Current)

Quite a while ago, I posted a blog on this subject. However, I didn't think through the list super thoroughly, and my opinions have (somewhat) changed since then. There aren't any episodes that I like less, but I've grown to like some others more, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the list of what are, in my opinion, the best, most exciting, and most memorable episodes in the River Monsters series.

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LBSCR E1 LBSCR E1 2 December 2020

Fixing the Fandom

I have been reading this Fandom for some time and have realized that it has fallen into disrepair. There are not enough articles and the existing ones are disorganized. Here is my agenda for reparing this fandom:

12-2-20: Add articles about all the episodes and make sure each article has images, links, and categories.

12-3-20: Expand upon the episode articles.

12-4-20: Finish expanding upon each episode article and add the special episodes released alongside River Monsters regular episodes.

12-5-20: Add images and articles to all existing pages and organize the wikia.

12-6-20: Add articles on locations, other fish, people, tribes, etc.

12-7-20: Finish expanding and adding all the things listed above.

12-8-20: Add all episodes of Dark Waters and M…

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SilSinn9801 SilSinn9801 19 November 2020

Retiring from this wiki… Thankee for your trust in me!


I am stepping down from my position as Admin & Content Moderator of this wiki due to lack of time & motivation (given I need to balance my time managing two other wikis where I’m more active these days, editing three other wikis that appeal to my new interests, making music, and moderating 18 Discord servers – leaving me no time for this wiki).

Thankee for your trust & support!

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DealerOfBruhMoments DealerOfBruhMoments 10 September 2019

He big

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El Shorpo El Shorpo 18 July 2019

Congrats guys

You friends have the LEAST ACTIVE WIKI according to WAM scores. Seriously, congrats. What the heck is River Monsters anyway?

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 25 February 2019

Top 10 Favorite River Monsters Episodes

After writing 8 rants about theRiver Monsters Seasons, its time to take a look at the episodes. Keep in mind that these are ranked purely based on my own opinion, and that I am extremely biased. You're list may be completely different than mine since everyone has different personal nostalgia. I will also not be quantifying my selections in any numerical way, simply stating my opinions of how they stand out even above the other episodes of my favorite show of all time. With that aside, let's begin our list.

  • 1 10 - "Volcanic Island Terror "
  • 2 9 - "Legend of Loch Ness "
  • 3 8 - "Ice Cold Killer "
  • 4 7 - "Killer Catfish "
  • 5 6 - "Killers from the Abyss "
  • 6 5 - "Return of the Killer Catfish "
  • 7 4 - "Demon Fish "
  • 8 3 - "Man-Eating Monster "
  • 9 2 - "Malaysian Lake Mons…

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 18 December 2018

Season 9 Review

So we've finally reached the Final Season of River Monsters. Since this Season was released in the year 2017, there is a much higher chance that there are some episodes that you haven't watched, as opposed to Season 1 made in 2009. If you have not watched all of the episodes, I please be aware that I will include spoilers in my Review. We will be judging this season by Location, Monster Variety, Monster originality, Mystery, Culture, and of course Monster Size. Naturally some of these categories are quite subjective, so keep in mind that my ratings will not necessarily be the "right" ones. 

The 2017 Season was dubbed "The Final Season", as it was made to be the last season of River Monsters. I read somewhere in the marketing that "Jeremy sa…

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 7 December 2018

Season 8 Review

Here I am again, to Review the River Monsters "Mysteries of the Ocean" season. We are venturing into the territory of the episodes made much later in the series, meaning that it is now more possible that there are some that you have yet to see. As always, this review will contain spoilers, and this warning is more relevant that is would be for episode made 10 years ago that you (probably) already watched. If you haven't already read any of these reviews, we are judging the season based on Location, Monster Variety, Monster Originality, Mystery, Culture, and Monster Size. As usual, most of our ratings will be subjective, so the number I draw out will be quite arbitrary. It is just my opinion, different people could surely draw different con…

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 27 November 2018

Front Page slider

Since I posted a blog about how I chose profile tags, this time, it will be about the slider. If you've paid attention, it follows a rotating pattern. SPOILERS AHEAD IN CASE YOU WANT TO FIND THE PATTERN BY YOURSELF.

Chinese Paddlefish

Goonch Catfish

Greenland Shark


Sareng Catfish

Tsuni Catfish 

Wels Catfish

Bull Shark

Goliath Tiger Fish

RMS Laconia

Sixgill Shark

African Marbled Lungfish


Golden Mahseer


Humboldt Squid


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Cougarcat Cougarcat 25 November 2018

Season 7 Review

Well, I'm back. I bet you missed me already. Today I'm going to be reviewing the seventh season of River Monsters, released in 2015. If you still haven't watched it, there will be some spoilers in this review. Also, I am not reviewing Season 6 because Admiral Warsilver reviewed it like... 20 days after the final episode, so be sure to check out his Season 6 review if you are so inclined. We'll be looking at several different factors, created by Admiral Warsilver of course, and judge the season from 1 (not done well) to 5 (Perfect Score!!!!!!!!!!!). Afterward, I'll look at the season as a whole from my perspective. Please note that these reviews are fairly subjective, especially in some categories, so you may not agree with my judgment. Als…

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 13 November 2018

Season 5 Review

Well, I'm back. Its been a long time. But I think we can put our differences aside us... for science.

Today I'm going to be discussing River Monsters Season 5, and whether or not I would recommend watching it. Naturally, River Monsters  is my favorite show of all time, so I guess I would recommend watching every episode, but I guess in this review, I will discuss how it stacks up to the other seasons. I will judge it based on the faithful template by Admiral Warsilver, Location, Monster Variety, Monster originality, Mystery, Culture, and of course, Monster size. With that out of the way, let us begin.

Note, there WILL be spoilers ahead in case you haven't watched it yet

Ratings will be in stars out of five

Location- A lot of river Monster Seas…

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 12 November 2018

"Editor" tags

Some people have noticed that I tagged some people as "_____ Editor". This occurs based on number of contributions. Here are the tags so far.

Random Person - Tagged to some FANDOM Users

New Editor - Tagged after making one edit on the wiki

Enthusiastic Editor - Tagged for making 50 edits on the wiki

Obsessed Editor - Tagged for making 300 edits on the wiki

Bronze Editor - Tagged for making 1000 edits on the wiki

Silver Editor - Tagged for making 3000 edits on the wiki

Gold Editor - Tagged for making 10000 edits on the wiki

Monster - Tagged for making 30000 edits on the wiki

At this point, I do not forsee a need for any higher tags

Now you know why some people are tagged. No one has currently earned Gold Editor or Monster, but if you keep contributin…

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SilSinn9801 SilSinn9801 6 November 2018

River Monsters Wiki Userbox

Hello master and aspiring anglers!

Some weeks ago, I created a userbox in other FANDOM wikis to identify myself as a River Monsters Wikian. Now I just put my userbox on this Wiki and now I am sharing the code so other River Monsters Wikians can use it.

Here are the details:

See Template:User RiverMonster for details on how to use this new compact form of the template above.

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 6 January 2018

Season 4 review

Little note: I'm really angry right now. I typed up this whole rant about Season 4 and then my dumb computer thought it was a good idea to delete it all while I was working on the LAST PARAGRAPH. So please forgive me if you notice my temper in my writing. Heaven knows why I am not just taking a break!

So Season 4 was a different Season. One thing I have to point out is it was the first River Monsters Season that made use of more epic sounding music. I mean, I really feal like that helps. At the same time, I don't listen to music and I do not feel like it is fair to give this season extra points for its music, I'll just say that when your seeing Jeremy battle epic fish and you hear epic music it really helps as compared to when you see him b…

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 4 January 2018

Season 3 Review

Its time to take a look at the third Series of River Monsters. I will grade it using a system created by Admiral Warsilver around 4 years ago, but it is superior. We'll look at my opinions and how I look as objectively as I can at it.

Overall, I loved the epic episodes in Season 3. I have very few gripes (since it is River Monsters) yet I do have some, so bear with me. It showed some monsters in a completely new way. Especially the episode about the Red Bellied Pacu really freaked me out. I'll use the same categories as all the other reviews, they are location, Monster variety, Monster origionality, Mystery, Culture, and Monster size.

Ratings will be in stars out of five

Location- The thing about Season 3 that really got me was that all the e…

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 30 December 2017

Season 2 Review

I made my Season 1 Review quite a while ago, so its time that I do another.

If you haven't watched Season two yet (its been out for nearly eight years as of today) then I will spill some information. However, I think most River Monsters fans have seen this Season over and over again. Some episodes are incredibly memorable, like the hooking of a 700 pound Stingray (that got away) and the Lake Illiamna Monster unmasked. The most memorable of all was probably the Season Premiere, the episde with the Goliath Tigerfish. Anyway, I'd better get to business. I'll rate this Season on location, Monster variety, Monster origionality, Mystery, Culture, and Monster size. This is the matrix that Admiral Warsilver Created. It really rocks.

Ratings will be …

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 2 October 2017

Season 1 Review

Admiral Warsilver reviewed Season 6, and I think I will be reviewing other seasons of River Monsters. So what better place to start than the Season that got it all going: Season 1? Season 1 has been met with very little unpopularity. It was in general a great season. I really enjoyed it, however in my opinion nothing, River Monsters or other show, can beat Season 9. However, many found Season 1 the most enjoyable, so this is where we'd better start. Afterall, it set Animal Planet records for the time. We'll grade it by location, Monster variety, Monster origionality, Mystery, Culture, and Monster size like Admiral Warsilver did with his Season 6 Review.

Ratings will be in stars out of five

Location- In this case, a lot of episodes were spent…

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 23 September 2017

Favorite Episode?

We already have a blog about "favorite River Monster". Now we'll talk about favorite episodes (as there are almost 60!). Leave your favorite River Monsters episode in the comments below. (:

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 23 September 2017

What was your favorite Sea Monster

In Season 8, Jeremy went out into the ocean. What was your favorite oceanic monster he encountered? Leave a comment below

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 23 September 2017

Favorite Freshwater Monster

What was your favorite freshwater River Monster? Leave a comment below

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Cougarcat Cougarcat 23 August 2017

The Sareng

The sareng has to be among the most epic River Monsters because of just how much lore is behind it. It is just like the goonch, except the gods are said to use it to take people into the next life. A Hindu holy man warned Jeremy not to try to catch it and that an attempt would yield no results and only cause bad luck. However, Jeremy has a background in science, and although he took the warnings seriously, he still tried to catch it. But events proved the holy man's warning wholly correct. Bad luck included:

Man Eating Tigers

Wild Elephants

Lightning Storms

Excessive Rain

Early Monsoons


Lost Fish

A River Monster eluding Jeremy

Jeremy's search for the Sareng spanned two episodes. He lost fish in India and Thailand. Finally he travelled to Mala…

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Admiral Warsilver Admiral Warsilver 7 June 2014

Season 6 Review

Sorry, I've been away for quite the while,  I have been very busy of late.

Overall, I was very impressed with Season 6, as Season 5 came over a little weak to me, I really enjoyed it, just a little weak. Season 5 aside, I saw a lot in Season 6 that I was not expecting, such as a whole boat wreck, a river monster that is not a fish and an indigenous tribe in South America that can hold Electric Eels without being shocked. I'll get to those in a minute though. First I'm going to rate certain aspects of of Season 6. The categories are location, Monster variety, Monster origionality, Mystery, Culture, and Monster size.

Ratings will be in stars out of five

Location- As far as the location goes, There was not a huge variety. All of the season took …

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Admiral Warsilver Admiral Warsilver 16 March 2014

Season 6 Trailer

In the new River Monsters Trailer, Jeremy Wade is shown in the Amazon and talks about how the Amazon keeps drawing him back with its mysteries. At the end of the Trailer, he states he has not caught his last monster there, meaning that the new season will be based a lot in the Amazon(no suprise).

Anyway, I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A new season once again!  

Catch Season 6 of River Monsters on April 6th.

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Admiral Warsilver Admiral Warsilver 3 February 2014

Season 6!

Firstly, this is not official, so don't get overly excited.

Recently while watching the Puppy Bowl ;D, I knoticed that Animal Planet is seriously hinting at a sixth season. One commercial featured Sea Lampreys and was for Monster Week. Also, during one of the "Animal Planet, Suprisingly Human" logo thingys, It briefly showed Jeremy Wade's eyes.

I don't know if this means anything, but it was tantelizingly like a teaser type promotion. Also, I really do think we will be getting a sixth season, River Monsters is the most popular Animal Planet show ever.

Looking foreward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me your thoughts below.    

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Admiral Warsilver Admiral Warsilver 24 January 2014

Favorite River Monster

What is your favorite River Monster?

Post yor answer in the comment section below. 

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Admiral Warsilver Admiral Warsilver 6 January 2014

Welcome to the River Monsters Wiki

Welcome to the River Monsters Wiki!

This is a wiki for fans of the show River Monsters to come and add their knowledge about the show. Fans can also discuss River Monsters on our blog spot.

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