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The Goliath Grouper is a large species of grouper.



350lb American Grouper River Monsters

All Goliath Groupers are born female, and can naturally choose to change their gender later in their life. They are bottom dwelling fish that get their food from particles that drift down. They do not need to compete with other large predators such as sharks, however, lemon sharks are known to be attacked by Groupers on occasion. Although they are Saltwater Fish by nature, Jeremy caught both a Giant and a Goliath Grouper in River mouths. The former, in Australia, surprised even local fishery experts.

River Monsters[]

Giant Groupers appear in Seasons 1 and 8, however these are not the same thing as Goliath Groupers. The Goliath Grouper only appeared once in Season 4, when Jeremy caught one on accident in Florida while fishing for a Bull Shark. It weighed over 350 pounds.