The Goliath Tiger Fish is a large predatory fish that lives in the Congo River in Africa. At the end of the episode "Demon Fish," Jeremy Wade caught a very large specimen. While Wade wanted to release the fish back into the wild, it was badly injured in his struggle with the fish. Due to the fish's injuries, Wade knew it would not survive so he took it to the village he was staying in where the villagers took the fish and carried it off into the distance. While Wade was unhappy that the fish was killed, he was also happy that it meant so much to the villagers.

Attacks Edit

  • Deep in the Congo, a young girl goes into waist deep water. Around her waist is a belt made out of bottle-caps given to her by her parents to ward off evil spirits. Ironically, that very belt's shine attracted the attention of a large Goliath Tiger Fish. Seeing the shining bottle-caps, the beast closes in and bites the girl nearly in half. This report inspired Jeremy Wade to come to the Congo to try and catch this monster fish.

Description Edit

The goliath tigerfish is large and heavily built fish, with the largest specimens reaching a length of 6 feet, and a weight of 100 lbs. Although there have been reports of large specimens weighing 150 lbs or more. This fish has long crocodile-like teeth, specially designed to tear chunks of meat out of other fish.

Diet Edit

The goliath tigerfish is a piscivore, which mean it eats mainly fish. With such great size an adult goliath tigerfish will eat any other fish that it can overpower, such as a small Nile perch.


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