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Jungle Hooks was a series presented by extreme angler Jeremy Wade prior to his involvement with Animal Planet.


Jungle Hooks was a series hosted by Jeremy Wade. It was the first series that he hosted


Initial Airing[]

Jungle Hooks ran for two episodes, involving the attempted catch and release of the Arapaima and Goonch Catfish in 2002 and 2005 respectively. There was an intended third episode concerning the Alligator Gar, however, it was never made. It was then created as a River Monsters episode.


It was cancelled, and a new and more popular show was launched, River Monsters.


In 2011, along with River Monsters Season 3, the episodes of Jungle Hooks aired again as "River Monsters: The Lost Reels".

Followed By[]

This series is followed by the series known as Jungle Hooks India. It completely follows Jeremy's study of the Golden Mahseer.