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Mongolian Mauler is the sixth episode of the fourth season of River Monsters.

Episode Description[]

When he hears of a recent bloody attack in a remote Mongolian river, Jeremy Wade wonders if it could be the work of a giant fish so rare that it's more legend than fact. This man-sized monster is said to be one of the strongest!

Episode Summary[]

Jeremy had once read an account of Mongolian villagers finding a very large Taimen in the winter. It was frozen solid, so they cut pieces of meat off of it and survived the cold. When spring came, however, the fish thawed and it ate all of the people who had fed off of it. While a fish of such size seemed unlikely, they are still large, growing to two meters in length, which is larger than the European Huchen and the North American Chinook.

While this fish has lost much of its historic range, they still definitely exist. Jeremy was also able to track down reports of a Taimen attacking a fisherman fairly recently. Jeremy traveled to Mongolia in hopes of landing one of these elusive giants.

However, poor luck eventually drove him to take drastic measures. Just like how he got help from a Witch Doctor in Season 2 Episode 1, Jeremy contacted a Shaman. The Shaman told Jeremy that everything has a spirit, including the water, and that every river, not just the rivers of Mongolia, should be treated with respect.

Jeremy would eventually succeed in catching two Taimen specimens in a raging rapid, one of them was of a fairly decent size even by Taimen standards. Jeremy was pleased to see this fish for himself, something that he could not have dreamed of several years ago.

Animals Featured[]

Locations Featured[]

  • Mongolia
    • Moron
  • Geiger-Moron River


  • A man is fishing for Taimen and manages to hook one, but as it is being brought in it bites him savagely on the arm, drawing blood.


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  • When asked on a place that he would like to revisit, Jeremy mentioned Mongolia, and said it was one of the most beautiful places he ever visited.
  • Jeremy later revealed that the Shaman's assistant's husband was a fan of River Monsters.
  • This episode provides the only known image of Jeremy Wade's youth.