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Pack of Teeth is the second episode in the fourth season of River Monsters.

Episode Description[]

From the Okavango swamps in southern Africa comes a piranha-like fish, said to hunt in marauding packs, tearing into other fish and even human flesh. Angler Jeremy Wade heads into the watery labyrinth to track down this deadly swarm.


Jeremy Wade travels to the Okavango Delta in Botswana to uncover the truth behind a deadly attack on the victims of an upturned boat. Arriving in the maze of reeds, Jeremy realizes how easy it would be to get lost here. Legend has it that these reeds actually move to close in outsiders.

Jeremy then hears of a potential suspect known as the inguesh. According to some of the locals, this is the most powerful fish. In fact, it is said to be so powerful that when Jeremy is given an inguesh tooth to investigate, they stay away from him until he returns it.

Jeremy ventures into the reeds again, locating a very interesting swarm of birds and possible activity. Getting around the reeds proves to be difficult, and the commotion calms down by the time Jeremy arrives. However, Jeremy is able to get there again and catch a Striped Tiger Fish.

This fish appears to share the pack-hunting abilities of the Piranha, but is much larger making it far more dangerous. It seems like a boat tipping over in these reeds would leave its occupants wide-open to attack from this killer.

Animals Featured[]

Locations Featured[]

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  • As per the River Monsters episode poll released by Animal Planet, it is the fourth-most popular River Monsters episode after Lair of Giants, Legend of Loch Ness, and Killer Catfish. While this poll did not list some other very popular episodes as options (i.e. Demon Fish), Pack of Teeth is still unquestionably one of the most popular episodes in the entire series.
  • The second episode to feature a tiger fish. The first is Demon Fish which has a different member of the tigerfish class, the Goliath Tiger Fish.
  • This case was reopened in the episode Africa's Deadliest. Jeremy investigated whether tigerfish would be aggressive enough to devour an overturned boat full of people.