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The River Monsters Wiki is about the hit Animal Planet television shows Jungle Hooks, River Monsters, Mighty Rivers, and Dark Waters. The show features dangerous aquatic killers from across the globe. This is a public wiki for any fans to join. Feel free to edit any pages as well as add photos and videos, but keep in line with our Rules.

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Tsuni Catfish

Africa's own River Monster

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Wels Catfish

If you think European waters are safe, think again!

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Bull Shark

A Shark that can live in Fresh Water!

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Goliath Tiger Fish

Freshwater super predator.

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Jeremy Wade's new show Mysteries of the Deep is on the Discovery Channel.

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For a favorite River Monsters episode Poll, go here.

For the "Favorite River Monster" poll, the community voted that their Favorite River Monster was the Goliath Tiger Fish, followed by the Goonch Catfish as a close second.