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Unknown Waters is Jeremy Wade's latest show. The first episode is set to be released on July 25, 2021. Three episodes have been released, and a second season is unlikely to air in the future.


Jeremy Wade searches for answers in the most remarkable rivers, lakes and seas on the planet to reveal the secrets of these extraordinary places.


From the first episode, it appears that this show is going to be exploring fish and different survival questions about them, not so much attacks like river monsters. In a way it is a cross between Mighty Rivers and Dark Waters, although has significant differences from both of these. More information will come as more episodes air.

This is going to be Jeremy's seventh television series, the previous ones being (in order) Jungle Hooks, Jungle Hooks India, River Monsters, Mighty Rivers, Dark Waters, and Mysteries of the Deep. It is currently unknown if there will be a second season or exactly how many episodes will be aired.

The show had a run of 3 episodes. It is unknown if a second season will air in the future. On an interview with Jeremy Wade, he confirmed that Unknown Waters was restricted due to the pandemic, which is not surprising at all. He also said that the original plan of Unknown Waters was to film a series entirely about the Amazon, but that did not end up happening due to the Covid situation in Brazil. Hence, the sole episode about the Amazon River was the final episode of the series. Iceland was the setting of the first episode due to the fact that at the time of filming, they were among the world's foremost nations in controlling the pandemic.

It can be viewed on National Geographic and YouTube TV, and in the future some uploads may be posted to DailyMotion. As of mid-September, it is also available on Disney+.


There are three announced episodes:


On February 1st, 2021, Jeremy Wade announced on his Instagram page that he would be airing "new programmes" this year. The wording caused some fans to speculate whether Wade would be airing more than one show, but as of now is appears only one will be aired. The idea of a new series was also confirmed in a podcast featuring him.

Later on he continued slightly changing his Instagram status hinting to the fact that Jeremy would air one or more shows, and on the morning of July 22nd, he made a post (previously he had only updated his status) to say an episode would indeed be airing.


  • This series presumably deals with fish based on descriptions and images, which is like each of Jeremy's shows excluding the previous one, Mysteries of the Deep. It is unknown why Jeremy returned to this format. It may be due to poor reviews or for other reasons.
  • Its run of 3 episodes makes it the shortest show which Jeremy Wade hosted. The series was truncated due to Covid-19.
  • On an episode of the Nash Tackle Off the Hook Podcast, Jeremy said that he has an idea for a series that would extend some concepts from Unknown Waters. However, not much is known of that idea.

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