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SilSinn9801, better known as Silent Sinner in Scarlet in the YouTube community and usually abbreviated as SilSinn in the video gaming community, used to be an administrator, moderator, and rollbacker at the River Monsters Wiki (until November 19, 2020). He/she(gender undisclosed) has some fondness for sharks and catfish; in addition to being a Shark Week fan, this person has watched every episode of River Monsters & Mighty Rivers and probably all (or at least most) edpisodes of Dark Waters, but unfortunately his/her financial situation forced him/her to drop access to Animal Planet, so he/she ended up being unable to watch any further shows by Jeremy Wade.

On this wiki, SilSinn specialized in categorizing articles and researching international names of certain species of fish – especially those written in scripts and alphabets other than the Latin alphabet used by English and most other European languages. He/she also invented the River Monsters Wiki userbox.

SilSinn was also the founder and prime bureaucrat of the Spanish version of this Wiki, Wiki de Monstruos de Río (until it was shut down sometime during Summer 2020 due to total inactivity, RIP).

(FANDOM’s SilSinn9801 is not to be confused with the SilSinn9801 from Wikipedia; there, SilSinn is known instead as SilSinn9821, since the name SilSinn9801 was already taken when he/she wanted to join Wikimedia.)

About SilSinn

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